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The Community Council and Governance

The community is one of the most important part of any decentralised project
The community governance council* (DAO) is a council formed by members of the community who would take part in day to day decision making. The control of the community facing aspects of UON would be handed over to these council members chosen from and by the community. The roles and responsibilities of the council will be as follows but not limited to:
  1. 1.
    Creating governance proposal.
  2. 2.
    Changes to the features available on existing platforms or their enhancement thereof.
  3. 3.
    Onboarding artists and creators alike and helping them achieve goals of self sustainability in the long run.
  4. 4.
    Create policies, structures and processes which help UON economy to flourish.
As of August 2022, we have created an official guild on Near Governance and a DAO on AstroDAO for the community. The following links will redirect you to respective portal.
AstroDAO Roles Breakdown
Community Council
The founding team of UniqueOne.Network Native council have the right to propose changes to DAO name, draft/create proposals, (or remove proposals) upvote and downvote proposals, treasury & bounties administration including fund transfer, edit policy settings & permission, assign native council members (internal only), modify functionalities, invite/remove members, create/remove polls.
Community council have the right to draft/create proposals and suggestions, (or remove proposals) upvote and downvote proposals, invite/remove members, create/remove polls.
Members have the right to vote on polls, invite members.
Observers are project leaders / steward(ess) / project founders who is working hand-in-hand or partnership with Uniqueone.Network team. They can’t create proposals but can vote or provide suggestions through forum guild. By then, the native council / community council will weight-in their ideas/proposals to be included. Observers can invite members and vote on polls too.

What is a Crypto Guild?

A crypto guild is a web3 organization that is made up of communities, founders, managers and investors. Their main goal is to create proposals and upvote/downvote on DAO to agree/disagree on ideas or plans, so that the proposer can help to improve platform usability and adaptability for the organisation - UniqueOne.Network , and together we build a quality web3 project on any ecosystem.

What is DAO?

DAO, also known as Decentralized Autonomous Organization - is an emerging form of legal structure. With no central governing body, every member within a DAO typically shares a common goal and attempt to act in the best interest of the entity. Read more here.

What is AstroDAO?

Astro is a NEAR-powered platform that lets anyone to launch a DAO and set up a DAO in just a few clicks. It comes with a group policy that allows user to configure account settings based on user requirements.

How many DAOs are there on UniqueOne.Network?

Right now we only have 1 active DAO on AstroDAO. Previous DAO from , , on the Ethereum chain will be discontinued and archived after all tokens are swapped over to $UNET.

What is a Community Council?

Community Council (CC) will first be elected by the native council. After a period of time, elected community council will join the native council to onboard new CCs to our DAO. We encourage full participation of all CCs onboard to communicate freely and timely through our telegram/discord channel as inactive CCs will be dropped through voting on our DAO. Our primary objectives is to allow communities to run our permisionless marketplace from different ecosystem including Near (UoNo Appchain on Octopus Network), enable suggestions for enhancements, connect to various creators borderless and help Uniqueone.Network to flourish in the long run.

How do I join as a Community Council?

Anyone can upvote themselves as a Community Council (CC). If you have participated on NEAR Governance Forum with active histories, your selection process is shorten but that doesn't mean you're shortlisted. Candidates must possess the following values: 1. Responsible towards community 2. Supportive towards project 3. Be courtesy towards others 4. Engaging towards teamwork
Please click here to read the set of protocols for self-upvote.

What is the selection process of Community Council?

Shortlisted candidates are handpicked by our Native Council & existing Community Council, to help propagate candidates with active histories on NEAR Governance Forum, or Octopus Forum (if applicable), who have participated on our telegram chat / discord chat with constructive discussions, throughout a period of time. Our DAO will also look into artists / creators who have been have been supportive and minted on our platforms since inception.

What are the benefits of Community Council?

The Community Council (CC) plays an important role in community building, logical proposals collected from the communities, execution of proposals through voting and invite new members to the DAO. CCs are free to create bounties proposals in the means to support their cause. CCs will only be compensated when they achieve the tasks delegated by UniqueOne.Network as an organisation or as UniqueOne.Network marketplace as a Community with the following objectives: 1. IDO Marketing Efforts* 2. Run a community of a Continent/Country* 3. Physical Marketing/Community Event* 4. An Initiative for Project Growth* * Must adhere to transparency and delegation

Why Vote?

Voting is an important practice on how one participate in democracy. Every vote counts! As a community or investor(s) of a project, your voice are as important as the project founder's of getting the project or platform improved, and move forward.
* The idea of community based governance and having a council for UON is to grow together as one collective organisation in order to improve/enhance current running platforms in an ever changing multi-chain network.