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A fully customisable near-native staking, vesting and reward distribution dapp.
Staking: Staking is a way of earning interest or ‘rewards’ just for holding certain types of cryptocurrencies and placing them in a smart contract. Staking allows a crypto holder to ‘stake’ their crypto asset into a pool of crypto and earn interest or rewards.
Vesting/Locks: Smart contracts lock a certain amount of funds until contract conditions are met and gradually release them for financial purposes. This process of releasing these funds is called vesting. Vesting is usually used to show that the team/stakeholders are highly interested in the project, and will continue working on project development and lowers market price manipulations.
Rewards: Rewards are critical to the adoption and use of a decentralised network. Protocols have to incentivise users for various actions that support the network/dapp eg. liquidity provision, rewards for dapp usage such a buy/sell etc.
StakeNet will be the first of its kind near-native staking contract and provide staking as service solution addressing the above three facets. StakeNet aims to be the number 1 staking and vesting app for the Near + Octopus Ecosystem through support of native NEP 141 tokens. We envision hundreds of Octopus app-chains and thousands of projects in the growing Near Ecosystem. Decentralised projects need to incentive users for adoption and liquidity which requires staking, liquidity mining and reward vesting contract to incentivise participants in a sustainable way. StakeNet plans to fulfil this requirement. Customisable vesting schedule for rewards, evolved UI/UX and visualisation tools would help projects immensely in the adoption of these incentive programs while saving a lot of dev resources for teams.
Dev Status: Smart Contract development is complete and currently under testing phase. (As of 26th April 2022).

StakeNet Features

Staking: Stake NEP-141 Standard tokens, and provide staking rewards.
Liquidity Farming: Stake Ref LP Shares, and provide LP rewards to LPs.
Vesting: Deploy fully customisable vesting schedules on Staking and LP rewards as per the project’s growth objectives.
User Dashboard: Visualise the user’s near wallet with complete analytics on staking position, expected rewards and pending rewards.
Project Dashboard: Visualise the project’s staking/LP reward program, emission schedule, pool and token analytics and vesting schedules. Have questions? Read our FAQ here.
StakeNet will be opened for other app-chains on Octopus and projects building on Near under staking as a service solution once thoroughly tested. $UNET will be the first near native project to launch on StakeNet. StakeNet does not have its own token yet.
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