Dive-in to our frequently asked questions. If you still have doubts, please do not hesitate to ask us.
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    What is Stakenet? Stakenet is a near-native staking, vesting and reward distribution dapp which is fully customisable, allowing projects to distribute rewards based on proposed formulas. Our smart contract will enable staking and/or vesting mechanisms based on the user's interaction on claims or withdrawal.
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    Why Stakenet? Stakenet was built to encourage project growth in the overall ecosystem. We've learned that crypto sustainability is hard to achieve in the long run if the tokenomics are not carefully planned during early stages, but with the correct fundamentals - crypto projects can become more resilient. We can help consult and propose a holistic and sustainable tokenommics model as well as calculate the most efficient token emission rate based on the project owner’s requirements.
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    Why Staking & Vesting? Farming has been crypto's most sought after activity after trading, therefore higher yielding programmes may attract more users to stake and earn tokens based on a predetermined duration. Rewards for these staking programmes can also be vested. By implementing this vesting period, projects can control the rate in which the tokens are redeemed. Users can reap the rewards for staking and project owners can ensure less price volatility that comes with token trading.
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    Who is behind Stakenet? Stakenet is powered by Uniqueone.Network. It is build by a team of passionate individuals who'd wish to see mass adoption of crypto regardless of status, geography and types of business involved. Click here to view our team.
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    Where will Stakenet be launched? Stakenet will be launch on Near Protocol, which also supports Octopus Network's appchain
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    Are there any specific requirements to use Stakenet? There are two categories of users on our platform, mainly Project Owners and Investors. The Project owner's role is to ensure the number of tokens supplied to the pool (and configure the staking period) as rewards for Stakers and Liquidity Providers, while the Investor's role is to farm on available pools and perform staking activities over time.
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    Is Stakenet Decentralized? Stakenet is currently an independent and fully funded entity that is not affiliated with VCs. We work very closely with our community. Future plans are to transition the project towards a fully permissionless organisation with the help of an active community and a DAO
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    Is Stakenet Free? No. We aim to charge a reasonable fee to get projects onboard. The fees we collect will go towards project development & research, UI/UX enhancements, programmatic logic improvements and smart contract auditing. Please get in touch with our team and get started!
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    What is the condition of staking and/or vesting? The minimum staking period will be 3 months* and up to a maximum of 36 months, while the vesting period might vary depending on the staking period and token supply.
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    How much tokens should a project reserve for staking? While there is no definite answer to this as projects are unique and are subject to widely different circumstances, there are many projects in the space who reserve up to 35% of their overall supply for staking.
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    What are the types of token supported for Stakenet? Currently Stakenet supports NEP-141 (Fungible Token). Click here to read more.
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    What type of wallets should I use to interact with Stakenet? Users should interact with Near native wallet - https://mynearwallet.com/
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    How do project owners register their project with us? Please click here to start, our team will be in touch with you shortly.
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    More Questions? There are a few place you can ask our mods on, kindly choose one of the following 1. Telegram (Uniqueone.Network) 2. Near Forum 3. Discord​
* 1 month trial for new projects onboard. Limited to the first 10 projects on Near.