Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

After building for the past year, our IDO is finally happening. We are happy that we can move forward with our mission to help the overall NFT landscape advance to the next phase by giving back the power to the people and content creators; we would like to announce that our IDOs will be live on TWO platforms: Boca Chica and Skyward Finance.
Starting from the 1st of November till the 10th of November participants can join our IDO via the links below.
Boca Chica IDO Launchpad
Announcement : https://medium.com/boca-chica/unique-one-network-sale-1fa97733c36f Period: 1st November 2022 (1300 UTC) - 6th November 2022 (2359 UTC)
1st November (Completed): IDO Round 1 (166,666 $UNET on sales): Price : 1 $UNET = 57,7 $CHICA To Raised : $15,000 USDT (Please use $CHICA to purchase $UNET) Allocations : Minimum is $20,000 in $CHICA; Maximum is 300,000 in $CHICA No $NEAR Staking Required 2nd November (Sold Out): IDO Round 2 (83,333 $UNET on sales): Price : 1 $UNET = 0,15 $JUMBO To Raised : $7,500 USDT (Please use $JUMBO to purchase $UNET) Allocations : Minimum is $50 in $JUMBO; Maximum is $750 in $JUMBO No $NEAR Staking Required 3rd November (Completed): IDO Round 3 (166,666 $UNET on sales): Price : 1 $UNET = USD$0,09 To Raised : $15,000 USDT (Please use $USDT to purchase $UNET) Allocations : Minimum is $50 USDT; Maximum is $750 JUMBO No $NEAR Staking Required 4th November (Completed): IDO Round 4 (361,111 $UNET on sales): Price : 1 $UNET = 0,03157 $wNEAR To Raised : $32,500 USDT (Please use $wNEAR to purchase $UNET) Allocations : Minimum is 15 $wNEAR; Maximum is 250 $wNEAR No $NEAR Staking Required (Swap $Near for $wNEAR on REF Finance or JumboSwap)
Skyward Finance IDO Launchpad
Announcement : cancelled NOTE: Please do not proceed on Skyward Finance due to this incident.
Join us and help be part of the change that will elevate the quality of digital art in Web 3.0
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 support on Telegram : https://t.me/uniqueonenetwork , email us : [email protected], hop on our discord for help : https://discord.gg/ENWRJ4hhBb​
Learn How to Participate in Our IDO here
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