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$UNET is the native token of UniqueOne.Network appchain
$UNET is the native token of UniqueOne Network. It is issued as Near's NEP141 standard token. The total supply of $UNET will be 100 million.

$UNET Utility

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    Network Security: $UNET will be incentive tokens for Octopus validators who would secure the UNET Appchain. Validators have to stake 5K OCT to spin up a node before they can start validating appchain transactions. By providing a healthy incentive to validators UNET appchain will achieve greater security and decentralisation. For strategic reasons, the project will also spin up nodes for its own appchain.
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    Governance: $UNET or a staked version (tbd) will hold the governance rights over the appchain and its decisions. Holders of such tokens can create or vote on governance proposals that shape and oversee the appchain or Dapps built on top of it. Decisions include but are not limited to voting on future product updates, changing rewards for LPs/Platform Users, onboarding of artists, fee structure of UoNo, election of council members etc.
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    Metaverse Land Sales: UniqueOne.World land sales will be done through staking of $UNET in return for land rights and ownership. These land would be forever liquid NFTs and can be exchanged back for $UNET tokens. $UNET tokens will be the metaverse currency and any transaction within the metaverse will be completed only through $UNET tokens. There will be multiple features in metaverse which will be revealed in time which will require $UNET tokens locking, staking and spending.
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    NFT Market-Place: $UNET tokens will be utilised for adoption of UoNo - NFT Marketplace with features that will help the creators and users in Octopus and Near Ecosystem to adopt NFT mania. $UNET tokens will be :
    • Platform Fee - $UNET tokens stakers will be able to earn trading fee on NFT marker place. More details of staking for market place will be released soon.
    • Listing Fee - UniqueOne Listing program requires NFT creators to launch the collection after Staking $UNET tokens. This will ensure legitimate creators to launch collections, $UNET tokens stakers will earn the trading fee along with NFT creators creating a win-win solution for creators, stakers and users alike by creating a buy pressure on the $UNET tokens. There will be detailed description on eligibility criteria's which will be released closer to UONO launch
    • Trading rewards - These trading rewards will make an important distinction in the token economy as we seek to become a forever liquid marketplace for NFTs in the world. Traders will be able to earn $UNET tokens by providing liquidity and trading NFT’s on the platform making it viable for collectors to remain liquid while trading the NFT’s.