A casual always-on metaverse built in collaboration with Realitychain
Metaverse is a replication of real physical world into a digital 2D/3D world where one gets the real world experiences like interactions, emotions, socialisation, collaboration, gaming, trade etc. Metaverse based engagement platforms allow one to enter into the Metaverse world virtually and meet others in form of avatars which creates a feeling of physical meeting with them in a playful manner.
UniqueOne.Network offers a novel means to secure Metaverse lands in a flexible and scalable manner via an exciting and innovative staking mechanism for Metaverse land leases. It brings a collaborative work & play culture with avenues to earn $UNET Tokens where players can interact, buy, rent, sell as they go along exploring the metaverse. By partnership and collaboration with Realitychain.io, a multi-chain, multi-engine, Metaverse-as-a-Service protocol, and recent NEAR Metabuidl Hackathon winner, users can stake $UNET tokens to acquire land leases without having to purchase lands.
UniqueOne.Network is an application-specific blockchain aka appchain which has the following salient features:
Reports say that metaverse economy could be worth $13 trillion by 2030. Being the first Octopus appchain to launch a metaverse with existing digital asset marketplaces across networks (xdai, BSC, ETH), the earning potential is high with this first mover advantage. Unique One is entering metaverses with an economic ecosystem in mind, wherein, the holders of land parcels will get a higher share of UON economy in terms of sharing of rewards, special NFT giveaways and being active in the realm. Multi-length lease slots allow all users, event protocols, teams, and companies the flexibility to build for fun, professional projects, or even temporary events and promotions.
NEAR protocol being UON's choice of network due to high interoperability. Unique One will hold land parcel sales at the launch of metaverse with a difference. The tokenomics defined would facilitate in increase the rewards for holders of such tokens within the Unique One metaverse ecosystems.
The isometric build up (2D World) on NEAR protocol enables user to create simple models from scratch with guided tutorials and templates prepared by Reality Chain. In-world NFTs are then populated onto libraries to create extensive components in character building or structure which user may leverage the marketplace to create these composable tokens.