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UoNo NFT Marketplace

NFT is a cryptographic assets on any blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish their characteristic from each other. It can be a digital asset which represent art, virtual experience, music, virtual properties, or any unique items that can be bought/sold or traded online with exciting features being unique, provably scarce, tradable, and usable across multiple applications. Unlike physical goods, NFTs are programmable digital asset packed with features and it's own utility. You can send NFTs to loved ones, even as a gift of appreciation regardless of their location, or sell them at any open NFT marketplaces.
An NFT marketplace is your gateway to participating in the sales and purchase of these digital assets, from digital artwork to concert tickets, music, live shows, domain names, numismatic to metaverse lands and more that you can think of. A good NFT Marketplace must suit one’s buying and storage needs based on the type of NFT they deem fit for the purpose, along with any on-chain crypto tokens used for gas or transactions.
Introducing UoNo, the first multi-chain NFT marketplace built on Octopus Network. UoNo Appchain is EVM compatible and will be the first marketplace on Octopus Network to pack with a bunch of features like trading, auction, transfers, and NFT burning. Similar to our Ethereum marketplace, what makes UoNo standout is our Metaverse assets on NEAR protocol can be wrapped over to our Appchain with the help of Octopus Network Bridging* function. Similar concept will be applied to our Ethereum/xDAI/BSC/Polygon Marketplace in near future to enable our multi-chain capabilities. The platform will be enriched with tools that will allow users to trade their digital NFTs coherently on multiple platforms, while creators are free to launch digital works (with Launchpad Offerings), along with developers to build a rich, integrated marketplaces for their digital items with our IPLO (Initial Platform Launchdpad Offering) services. Why IPLO? IPLO is our proprietary service offered to add marketing, community, and auction support to teams who wish to release their utility & governance tokens to their community via NFT sales or auction events on any of our UniqueOne Network NFT Marketplaces. Our team is committed to help projects launch their initiatives as long as the project abides by our standard terms and conditions. The types of services offered on IPLO includes generative mechanics, scripting, and metadata. Projects that choose to hold IPLOs on the Unique One Network Marketplace gain exposure to Unique One Network Communities, Octopus Network Communities, and NEAR Protocol Meta-Communities. UoNo NFT Marketplace is free to use as we do not charge any fees to creators, however there will be transactional fees involved in minting, transferring or destroying NFTs as part of the gas emission. * This feature is currently under development stage